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Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pin, Round

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White Ribbon Pins from Health Promotions Now

People the world over recognize and respect the symbol of hope and awareness that is the ribbon, and white awareness ribbons represent several important causes. Promote your white ribbon cause the right way: with pins from Health Promotions Now.

Do you have a white ribbon cause that you need to raise awareness for? Health Promotions Now is here to help. Distribute white awareness ribbon pins at your next event to call attention to causes such as:

Invisible Illness Awareness

Invisible” disabilities are ones that are “hidden” from others’ views, making it difficult for people to sympathize with those who are suffering from them. Most of these diseases are neurological ones and have symptoms like dizziness, chronic pain and extreme fatigue. The overwhelming majority of those with chronic medical conditions are suffering from them as a result of an illness that is invisible, necessitating white ribbon awareness events to call attention to them.

Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Awareness

Those individuals who have multiple hereditary exostoses develop numerous benign bone tumors known as “exostoses.” The government-run Genetics Home Reference website estimates that one in 50,000 individuals have the condition.

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