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Adhesive Fabric Awareness Ribbon from Health Promotions Now

Health Promotions Now makes raising awareness easy with our affordable fabric awareness ribbon stickers. The sheets are perforated, so you don’t even need to use scissors to cut them loose. It’s easy – just like we promised. People the world over recognize the ribbon as a symbol of hope and awareness, making awareness ribbon stickers an ever-popular giveaway item at charity walks and other events. Use them at your next event to maximize the reach of your awareness message.

Finding cures for diseases, raising funds for research, collecting money for those in need and a litany of other awareness causes are all perfect occasions for handing out awareness ribbon stickers. Health Promotions Now’s stickers are available at the best prices around, and they come in packs that are ready to be peeled right off, so recipients can stick these fabric ribbons right onto anything they desire, spreading your message!

Our friendly health promotions experts will help you find the ideal item, add your custom logo and message and have your order rushed to you. Call us at 800-378-6376.

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