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Health Promotions Now's breast cancer awareness kits are a great choice for physician office displays, Breast Cancer Awareness Month events and health fairs year round. Value-priced for all of your breast cancer awareness events and fundraisers, our breast cancer awareness products are available in several different sizes and selections for both small and big events. No matter what size budget you’re operating with, you’ll find an awareness kit or product to fit your needs.

Over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with new cases of breast cancer in 2013. Being diagnosed with the disease is a terrifying moment for any woman to go through, but getting that diagnosis performed is of crucial importance. Though breast cancer can cause devastating effects, it can be overcome, and catching it early is the key to doing so. When detected early, the recovery rates are extremely high, and that’s why every woman should perform self exams. Our breast cancer awareness kits and self exam informational guides show women how to properly perform the exam and teach them the importance of doing so.

Shop our Breast Self Exam Shower Cards collection to choose healthy reminder kits bearing your logo at an inexpensive per-unit cost. And don't miss our Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month Store if you want to show your support for the fight against breast cancer. Shop our online store for hundreds of products that will make your October Breast Cancer Awareness Month events a success.

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