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Teal Ribbon Lapel Pins from Health Promotions Now

What’s the best way to raise awareness for your cause at your next private or corporate fundraiser or charity event? Ribbons! Health Promotions Now has teal awareness ribbon lapel pins that register with all who see them as international symbols of awareness for many important causes: ovarian cancer, gynecological cancer, anti-bullying, sexual assault and sexual violence and more. Get your ribbon pins from Health Promotions Now for as low as $0.48 per pin!

Get everyone behind your cause and moving in the same direction towards spreading the word about the issues you care most about. What’s your cause? Teal awareness ribbon pins are a recognized symbol of awareness for issues like these:

Anti-Bullying Awareness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identify bullying as a serious public health problem involving an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim – whether that imbalance is real or perceived. In addition to the physical harm that it can bring about, bullying also has the potential to lead to emotional and social distress. Help fight bullying by holding a teal ribbon awareness event.

Gynecological Cancer Awareness

There are many types of cancers that are referred to as gynecological: ovarian, cervical, uterine and vaginal and vulvar. The CDC reports that over 83,000 were newly diagnosed with these types of cancer in 2010, and 28,770 lost their battles against them that year.

Sexual Violence Awareness

It’s possible for anyone to become a victim of sexual violence, which involves sexual activity that is not consensual. In most cases, the perpetrator is someone who is known by the victim. Teal ribbon events are held to help stop sexual violence before it begins by raising awareness about it.

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