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Custom-Imprinted Digital Photo Frames

How does a modern promotional product or customer/employee appreciation gift that recipients will want to keep for years sound? Pretty good, right? If so, then it’s time to consider promotional digital photo frames from Health Promotions Now. Photos are one of the most effective ways to accurately preserve and display memories. Digital photo frames are kept for years in prominent locations where people will see them. Add your company name and logo to digital photo frames for a giveaway item that’s sure to make recipients remember you.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s easier than ever for everyone to affordably take high-quality photos of friends, family, vacation spots…anything! And yet, what do we do with all of those photos? Leave them stored in the back of our phone hard drives to be forgotten over time? Toss them onto a social media network page to temporarily thrust them in front of our friends only to, again, be forgotten over time? What happened to putting them on display permanently in our homes and offices? What happened to photo frames?

They changed, but they haven’t gone away. Introducing the new way to display memories for everyone to see: promotional digital photo frames from Health Promotions Now.

Texting, emailing, tweeting and filtering photos certainly have their place, but for those extra special memories, phones and the internet aren’t enough. Promotional digital photo frames ensure everyone who visits your home or comes by your desk can see you and your family’s most treasured memories through USB and memory card technology. Some frames can even go one step further and play music and video, bringing memories to life.

Help your target audience remember their happiest moments and your brand with custom-imprinted digital photo frames.

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