Here Are the Real Benefits to Personal Training in the Workplace

Numerous medical and social studies have revealed the number 1 reason why people in the US do not engage in daily exercise. Can you guess what it is? Not surprisingly, it’s a lack of time – and the kicker here is that this isn’t just a lame excuse. It’s actually a consequence of a decidedly American work ethic that has us spending more time at work than anyone else in the industrialized world. It’s true and whether we want to give ourselves a pat on the back for it or start looking at real estate in Sweden because of it, we can all agree it makes a steady fitness routine feel almost impossible. This is where workplace wellness and personal training comes into play.

Workplace wellness is a fairly new practice that’s been gaining popularity in corporate America. The result is a growing familiarity with health promotion in offices and organizations where once it was almost unheard of (People used to smoke at their desks, for goodness sake!). Typically, workplace wellness programs include health education seminars, medical and fitness screenings, weight loss or management challenges and on-site fitness classes or gym installations. Providing an on-site fitness program offers a solution to the lack of time for exercise and, while employees can take advantage of the health benefits from training on-site, they also experience increased job satisfaction as an added bonus. No more moving to Sweden!

Although in-house personal training in a corporate environment is still a budding trend, more and more employers are beginning to incorporate this option as a part of their workplace wellness programs. Clearly they see the value in doing so. As it happens, active employees are more energetic and productive, display job satisfaction and have reduced chances of developing a chronic diseases. In fact, according to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, it’s a lack of exercise that is the primary cause of most chronic diseases. Based on this information, it stands to reason then that in-house fitness programs are a smart choice for business owners who want to cut expensive healthcare costs while improving company morale.

Alongside of the benefits that both employee and employer can gain from an on-site fitness program are the benefits to fitness instructors and personal trainers themselves. Although the personal training industry has experienced steady growth in the last decade, the same time constraint difficulties that American workers face creates a challenge for personal trainers to acquire new clients and secure their income. Corporate fitness programs allow trainers to make new contacts and thrive in an environment outside of the health clubs or gyms that the average American can’t seem to make time for.

It’s clear that the benefits of having workplace fitness and training programs are numerous. Here is quick list of the reasons why businesses should be taking advantage of this remarkable new health and fitness trend.

  • The number 1 reason why people don’t work out is a lack of time, but not working out is also the number 1 reason for chronic illnesses. Obviously people need to make time and personal training in the workplace is an easy solution.
  • Healthy employees cost less. A study from the University of Michigan found that employees who were at a high risk for metabolic syndrome but worked out regularly lowered their average healthcare costs to the same level as healthy employees with no risk.  Exercise provides a level of protection that can save both employer and employee from costly healthcare expenses in the long run.
  • Employees who are healthy and active are much more satisfied in their positions and are more productive as a result.
  • Some trainers have the certifications to provide injury protection and rehab to employees which is another way future injuries and expensive treatments can be avoided. It also allows employees to learn proper techniques and exercising methods that they would not learn from working out alone at a gym or at home.
  • Personal trainers can make new contacts and grow their businesses and their brands while developing and strengthening relationships with clients.If you are an employer looking to take on a new program that can turn your workplace into a healthier and happier environment, then an on-site fitness program is definitely worth looking into.

If a workplace wellness program or on-site personal training is on your to-do list, we can help you get started by promoting your new health initiative. Browse our workplace wellness ideas to see how you can get everyone on board with a healthier and happier new working environment!

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