The Newest Promotions for Your Family Health & Fitness Day Events

Family Health and Fitness Day is June 8th. It’s a great day for encouraging families to make small improvements to their diet and fitness routines but an even better day to kick off an entire summer of healthy choices and exercise. Here are of few of the newest items to hit our site that are perfect for helping you promote for this major health and wellness event.

Cooling Towel in Hydra Chill Water Bottle, 17 oz.

Activated by water and a quick snap, a cooling towel can maintain itself at up to 30 degrees below average body temperatures for up to 2 hours. Pair that with a durable, 17 oz. Tritan™ water bottle with a screw-on lid, a wide mouth opening and a handy built-in phone stand and you have one fitness gift set your audience can get excited about.

Contender Polyester Headband

If you’re hosting a family wellness event where attendees will be participating is fitness activities, a branded headband is a fun and useful choice. This brand new Contender Polyester Headband features a tapered back for a secure fit and is one size fits all to accommodate all of your event attendees and volunteers.

Strength Resistance Band Set

Three exercise bands of 3 separate weight resistances, green (2-4 lbs.), blue (6-8 lbs.) and yellow (10-12 lbs.), are packed into a convenient clip on mesh bag in our custom Strength Resistance Band Set. Perfect or having multiple family members use the bands at the same time, this gift is sure to be a hit at your family health and fitness event.

Fitness Journal, 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″

Families starting a new fitness regimen together can benefit from having a plan of action. Our Fitness Journal can help them keep an organized exercise schedule, track progress and body measurements and provide useful weight management tips.

Children’s Portion Plate

One way to include the kids in all your family health and fitness efforts is with a fun and easy method of teaching them about portion control and food groups. The task is made positively simple with this Children’s Portion Plate. An adult version of the same plate are also available.

Fast Foods: Smart Eating Guide Better Book™

Attempting to ditch fast food altogether is wise when working towards a healthier lifestyle but sometimes its completely unavoidable. Opting for a quick and convenient meal doesn’t have to completely derail your efforts, however. Our Fast Foods: Smart Eating Guide Better Book™ explains how you can keep your diet on track – even in the drive through. Hand this out to families at community events and health fairs to provide even more encouragement during Family Health and Fitness Day.

You can find many more family health and fitness ideas and inspiration in our online collection. Shop today to make this year’s event the most successful one yet!

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