Student Health and Wellness Ideas for Colleges and Universities

College students sitting and talking on campus lawn

Is your student health and wellness program all set for the upcoming new semester? Colleges and Universities have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to student health, wellness and safety issues – but Health Promotions Now is here to help!  Our Student Health and Wellness Ideas specialty store is loaded with informational guides that can help educate students and provide them with the tools they need to make smart decisions, exercise self-care and develop healthy habits, both on and off campus. Here are just a few of our top informational handouts for students.

Stress Management Pocket Sliders™

One of the most common health and wellness obstacles a college student might face is stress. The pressure of keeping up with academics in a strange new environment while attempting to make new friends and maintain a social life can be pretty overwhelming. Our Stress Management Pocket Slider offers some useful tips on managing stress and avoiding situations that can be nerve-wracking. Your logo and healthy message accompany this useful handout on the bottom.

Facts on STDs Pocket Point

As college students develop intimate relationships in their young adulthood, it’s important that they remember to do so as safely as possible. Your student wellness facility is probably already equipped with helpful informational guides on this topic, but thanks to Health Promotions Now you can have them branded with your college logo to help remind students that you have their safety and best interests at heart.

Binge Drinking Pocket Sliders™

It’s no secret that some college parties involve lots of alcohol and young adults can have a hard time knowing their limits. Binge drinking is very destructive, especially in an academic environment. Our Binge Drinking Pocket Slider offer tips on how to avoid overdoing it, how it can dangerously affect your health and how you can seek treatment of you think you might have a problem. Add your health center contact information to the bottom so you are always within reach.

Sleeping and Your Health Pocket Sliders™

One easily overlooked issue that teens often face when they go away to college is sleep deprivation. It can be difficult to adjust to a new living space in close quarters with other students and that can lead to a lack of sleep. Our Sleeping and Your Health Pocket Slider is a helpful guide to improving sleeping habits so school work never has to suffer because of sleeplessness.

Safe Dating and Date Rape Pocket Sliders™

An extremely important part of any student health and wellness program is the topic of safe dating. Maintaining healthy relationships, knowing when to end a potentially abusive relationship and avoiding dangerous situations are all covered in our Safe Dating Pocket Slider. Add your college emergency number to the bottom so students always know where and how to seek assistance.

This is just a small selection of the informational guides we have to offer. Browse the rest of our line to see more guides as well as a huge collection of custom giveaway ideas that will help you get a head start on your efforts towards maintaining a healthy environment for all of your students.

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