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Now that July is here, we’d like to highlight some of the amazing new products that were added to our collection recently. We are constantly searching for the latest promotional products and educational giveaways on the market in order to add them to our growing inventory. Here is just a short list of some of our favorites. Check them out and be the first to make one into your own custom giveaway!

Band-It Sporty Ring Bottle, 28 oz.

One of the newest water bottles to our collection can help you stay on top of your daily hydration needs! The 28-ounce Band-It Sporty Ring Bottle can help individuals keep track of their daily intake of water 4 removable colored bands at the bottom. Simply remove a bad after finishing and refilling the bottle to know exactly how much water has been consumed at any point in the day.

Stainless Steel Metal Straw Set

As consumers are reducing the use of disposable plastic straws, in order to cut back on plastic pollution, the popularity of eco-friendly, reusable options is growing. Our Stainless Steel Metal Straw Set is the newest addition to our reusable straw collection, complete with a silicone tip, a cleaning brush and a durable carrying case.

Assorted Fruit Mentos® Mug Stuffer

Keep your healthy promotions fresh and full of life with our new custom printed Assorted Fruit Mentos® Mug Stuffer! Delicious fruit
Mentos® are placed inside a decorated bag with your full color logo and the tied with a satin ribbon in your choice of ten colors. The decorated bags are available in your choice of gold dots, red swirl or black diamonds.

Boat Curvy Lunch Set

Perfect for nurses, EMTs or traveling physicians, the Boat Curvy Lunch Set has everything you need to stay well fed and nourished on the go. Each set features a large insulated color bag, inspired by the classic boat tote style, as well as a set of two sectional lunch containers that are both freezer and microwave safe.

Astro Lighted 3-in-2 Charging Cables

The Astro Lighted 3-in-2 Charging Cables can connect to multiple power sources and charge almost all newer Android and Apple devices! Including USB and Type-C inputs as well as Micro-USB, i-Device and Type-C outputs, the charging cable lights up when in use and comes with an attached key ring.

Klutch Pink Neoprene Lunch Bag

Nurses, patients and volunteers will feel your encouragement and support when they’re gifted with this convenient and charming Klutch Pink Neoprene Lunch Bag! Made from high quality neoprene with a zippered closure and comfort grip handles, this 6-pack sized lunch bag is perfect for every day use!

This is just a fraction of the new and exciting promotional items we have in our New This Month specialty store. Shop the collection today to be the first to put your logo or healthy message on a brand new product today!

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