Best Promotional Products to Kick Start a New Year’s Resolution

Lose weight, get fit, and eat healthy are the most common New Year’s Resolutions made on December 31st every year. It’s no secret that almost everyone feels that they can do more to improve their overall health and well-being when the holidays come to an end. It’s also no secret that making careful food and drink choices, as well as getting a daily dose of exercise, can go a long way towards ensuring we all have many more New Year’s celebrations in our future. With that said, why not promote your business or practice this season with products that can help us all kick start our healthy New Year’s Eve resolutions.

Here are some of Health Promotions Now’s top picks for giveaways that help start the New Year off healthy.

Cooking for the Heart Cookbook

The Cooking for the Heart Cookbook provides over 200 simple and nutritious recipes along with plenty of dietary information, facts on cholesterol control and healthy food choices and tips on how to meet your heart health goals. Your important healthy message, logo or both is included on the front cover, allowing you to let all of your valued patients and clients know that their health is important to you.

Calculating Carbs, Fat, and Calories Pocket Sliders™

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy diet is trying to figure out just what is in the foods that we eat every day. The Calculating Carbs, Fat, and Calories Pocket Slider helps take all of the guess work out of the process by giving you the important information you need for each food group as well as additional facts and tips on the back. Your custom imprint is included just above the pull tab.

Designer Top View Pedometer

If stepping up your daily activity is this year’s resolution than the Top View Pedometer is perfect for you. The upward facing LCD screen displays your number of steps up to 99,999 and each unit comes packaged in a box with instructions for use. Choose between 9 different accent colors and match your logo for a sleek, uniform look.

Body Tape Measure with BMI Scale

When simply stepping on the scale doesn’t seem to be helping you take control of your weight loss efforts, the Body Tape Measure and BMI Scale is just what you need. Measuring your Body Mass Index and taking your measurements can reveal much more about your weight and physique than just the number of pounds on the scale. Keeping track of your BMI and the inches around your waistline is a much more effective way to keep track of your progress and keep realistic goals in sight.

Check out the rest of our healthy eating and fitness essentials products for your next practice, hospital or office promotions and consider helping everyone get a head start on their healthy New Year’s resolutions.


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