Promotional Products That Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you like to make New Year’s resolutions and stick to them, you’re not alone. In fact, an estimated 40% of Americans make a resolution every single year, many of them with the exact same goals in mind. According to Statista, the most commonly made resolution, at a whopping 53%, is to save more money, followed by lose weight and get in shape at 45%, and other items like travel more and quit smoking closely trailing after.

Health Promotions Now not only supports your commitment to bettering yourself, but also encourages your commitment to bettering your marketing efforts with promotional items that are relevant and useful! For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite promotional products that help you and your audience keep all your New Year’s resolutions. Here they are.

Drink More Water

Artesia Tritan Bottle, 25oz., BPA Free

Our 25 oz. Artesia Tritan Bottle is a colorful and convenient sport bottle that’s just the large enough to help you tackle your daily ounces without feeling overlarge and cumbersome. Available in your choice of 11 vibrant colors, each bottle features a snap-fit lid and a carrying strap.

Eat Healthier

Soup and Salad Chiller Cooler Set

Packing a healthy lunch and nutritious snacks every day is made simpler with the Soup and Salad Chiller Cooler Set. With a large, convenient salad shaker and a 4-cup soup or noodle bowl, you can’t go wrong. The salad shaker also includes a fork and removable dressing container that nests in the lid.

Get More Exercise

Neoprene Running/Waist Pack Belt

Whether you want to get out and walk more, or really hit the pavement and push yourself in 2019, the Neoprene Running/Waist Pack Belt will make it easier to bring your major essentials along. Each one provides plenty of space for your cell phone, identification, and keys and even has an integrated port for ear bud cords.

Stress Less

Managing Your Stress Key Points™

Learning to cope with and eventually manage stress will help you become happier and healthier in 2019! Our pocket-sized Managing Your Stress Key Points™ can help you take steps toward being fully in control of how you react to trying situations by offering information on the symptoms of stress, ways to cope, various exercise and relaxation techniques, and tips on being kind to yourself and your body.

Get Organized

Life In Motion™ Large Cargo Box

While the current organizational trend is to purge your belongings of anything that doesn’t bring you joy, we’re still staunch believers in the fact that having a place for everything and everything in it’s place is down right joyful in and of itself – down to and including your trunk! The Life In Motion™ Large Cargo Box expands to keep all of your automobile essentials neatly arranged.

Save More Money

Monthly Expense Organizer Pocket Point

Saving money can be a complete nonstarter, if you don’t know where to begin. Our trusty, accordion style Monthly Expense Organizer Pocket Point can help you figure it out with tips on cutting spending and spaces to help you organize and keep track of your monthly expenses and household budget. What’s more, your logo is included on an entire panel in full color.

Find thousands more promotional gifts and giveaways for supporting well-being and helping your community keep it’s New Year’s resolutions at Health Promotions Now!  Remember to shop before the month is out to take advantage of our free shipping coupon: JANFREESHIP.

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