How America’s Favorite Hot Beverage Can Be Good for Your Health and Your Business!


Many of us drink a cup – or several cups – of coffee every morning, without a single thought about what it might be doing to our bodies or our overall health.

Well, have no fear, because research has found that coffee actually provides many health improving benefits! In fact, Medical News Today has published evidence that drinking coffee, when drank with little to moderate sugar and other additives, can actually help in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer and heart disease!

So, cheers to you for making the wise decision to drink coffee every single day! You can now say you’re doing it for your health – and not for your need for help dragging yourself out of the house in the morning!

Now that we know coffee is good for your health, Health Promotions Now is ready to show you how it can also be good for your business. It’s actually very simple. Just hand out your own custom imprinted coffee-themed gifts! That’s right, with promotional coffee gifts, customized mugs and other coffee related products, we can help you leverage in the incredible popularity of this tasty beverage and score the marketing benefits that will keep your business healthy as well!

Here are a few of our favorite coffee and coffee themed promotional gifts to give your business that healthy boost it deserves.

Gourmet Coffee Bag, 10 oz.

Your custom full-color imprint will definitely turn heads when displayed on a 10-ounce bag of gourmet coffee made from freshly ground Arabica beans! Your gift recipients will get an average of 7 full pots of delicious coffee from each bag and your company logo will make an impression with each and every use.

Hearth Ceramic Mug with Wood Coaster/Lid, 15 oz.

This 12-ounce black ceramic mug and coaster set comes in your choice of 6 vibrant accent colors in the interior and on the coaster. A useful and attractive gift, the Perfect Pair Ceramic Mug & Coaster set is just the thing to help you for keep unsightly coffee rings off of desktops while displaying your brand for all to see.

Bodum® Chambord Chrome Coffee Press, 8 Cup

You’ll really impress your audience when you hand out your very own custom printed French press coffee makers! This particular model takes just 5 minutes to brew up to 8 cups of coffee so delicious we’re certain you’ll never use your traditional coffee maker again! Now, that’s a product you’ll want to put your logo on!

Two Piece Coffee Pod Gift Set

For coffee drinkers who swear by their Keurig brewing systems, the Two Piece Coffee Pod Gift Set is the obvious gift choice!  Each box holds two single serve coffee pods in your choice of five delicious flavors as well as your full-color imprint on a label directly on the box. As an added bonus, the same imprint is also added to both coffee pods at no additional charge!

Alta Porcelain Tumbler, 14oz.

Love your ceramic coffee mug and wish you could take it on the go? Well, now you can! Thanks to the new 14-ounce Alta Porcelain Tumbler, you can enjoy the comfort and familiarity if a ceramic mug as well as the travel-friendly capabilities of an auto tumbler. It’s even available in your choice of 11 beautiful colors, so you’re bound to find the right shade to complement your brand.

We have many more remarkable gifts where these came from! Shop the rest of our coffee and coffee related promotional giveaways to find the one that’s sure to be a major benefit to your business!

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