Employer Friendly Gifts For New Parents

Celebrating the addition of a new family member is not just a joyful event for the family; it can be just as exciting for their employers and co-workers, especially if they are considered part of their ‘work family’. Often times, the excitement carries undertones of worry when it’s time to give your expectant employee your best wishes in the form of a gift. While many will celebrate the expectant mother herself, it is not uncommon for employers to give a gift to an expectant father, or even the employee that will soon become parents by adoption. Keeping things appropriate and fair can be rough, but here are 10 thoughtful gifts that a new parent will appreciate:

  1. Diaper Bag– Even if the new parents may have already purchased one, it never hurts to have a second handy to keep extra essentials in the car for emergencies, or to give to a caretaker so you don’t have to carry a bag back and forth.
  2. Bottle Cooler Bag– These cooler bags resemble your standard thermal lunch carriers, but are sized specifically for baby bottles. The insulated bag will keep baby’s milk cool and protected while you’re on the go.
  3. Large Reusable Tote Bag– This comes in handy when new parents are getting ready to leave the hospital. Many hospitals will supply the new mum with a lot of extra supplies for their baby. A tote is great for carrying the extras that don’t fit in the suitcase.
  4. Receiving Blankets– A parent can never have enough of these! Since they have a multitude of uses and they need to be replaced often it’s always best to have extras on hand, and one to keep in a car, diaper bag, or with a caretaker.
  5. Medicine Droppers– Believe it or not, a parent should always have extras of these since they usually end up missing, coincidentally at the same time one is needed. While their primary use is for medication, the droppers can be used for liquid vitamins and supplements as well.
  6. Stroller Accessory Bag– This zip pouch has tabs that can easily fasten to a stroller to keep keys, wallet, snacks, and pacifiers within reach without having to dig through a diaper bag.
  7. Bibs– You can’t go wrong with bibs! They actually help new parents in the long run, as they prevent baby’s clothing from being soiled, reducing the number of clothing changes and laundry that has to be done.
  8. Teething Toys– Parent of newborns may not be too concerned with teething at that age, but before they know it their little one is beginning to cut teeth. Having a teether readily available can help parents bring their baby relief quicker.
  9. Growth Chart– Parents can keep track of their child’s growth, while at the same time, create a keepsake to look back on and reminisce. Growth charts are also a great way to document important milestones, such as starting a new year in school.
  10. Picture Frame– Who doesn’t want to show off their new bundle of joy at the office or at home? Picture frames are timeless gifts that will last well beyond the childhood years.

Can’t decide on just one? Try bundling a few items together, and giving the new parents a gift set along with a card for co-workers to jot down their congratulations and best wishes, to welcome your employee to parenthood.

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