The Most Creative Health and Wellness Charity Events

Group events and benefits to promote health and wellness are on the rise, especially in the workplace, but even more so are health events and initiatives that take on a creative or a unique quality. More and more organizations are finding fun and imaginative ways to get groups together to take part in healthy activities and promote the health and wellness of others around them; and are a few of our standout favorites.

Biggest Loser Challenges

Ever since the entire staff of Dunder Mifflin took on this competitive and group oriented activity, other businesses have followed suit. This can be a team or an individual, every man for himself, competition but the point is to challenge everyone involved to start making healthier choices, adopt new exercising habits and shed a few unwanted extra pounds. Some pretty enticing prizes are often also involved in order to provide a little extra motivation.


This health and wellness benefit event is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone dances till they drop, for a good cause of course, and the last person still dancing in the end is the winner. This fun and high-energy challenge is pretty popular in the workplace but is especially favored at schools where children love to participate as well as adults – and they are usually the ones with the energy to take home the prize. During dance-a-thons funds are typically raised for a heart health related charity or in honor of someone affected by a specific illness.

Color Runs

This healthy group activity is referred to as the happiest 5k on the planet and whether you agree with that speculation or not, it certainly is the most colorful. A Color Run is a charity event in which a team raises money for a noble cause then dons head to toe white and runs a 5k together. What separates this run from a typical 5k is that at every Kilometer or mile completed each runner is doused in a different colored powder so that when they finally cross the finish line they are covered in a rainbow of bright colors. Entry into these types of runs usually comes with a fee that is in turn donated towards a health and wellness charity of the organizers choosing.

Zombie Runs

This is one charity event that is not for the faint of heart. If the color run is the happiest 5k on the planet, than this one might be the most terrifying – or the most fun, depending upon how you feel about zombies! The formulas for both runs are similar, teams register and pay a fee that is then donated to an honorable health and wellness related cause, but instead of being powdered with happy colors, they are chased by flesh eating zombies! Many zombie runs even include obstacles courses to add to the fun and adventure.

Healthy Food Cook-offs

This idea was borrowed from chili cook-offs that have accumulated worldwide popularity and participation. Another competitive health and wellness challenge, during this event people create the most delicious yet perfectly healthy and nutritious recipes they can think up and then judges decide on the winners. Not only can this challenge be effective in raising funds for a healthy charity but it is also a great opportunity for participants to learn to cook wholesome and nutritious meals for themselves and their families and swap healthy recipes.


This is just a handful of some of the more creative and enjoyable ways to get your group together to take part in some healthy activities while making a difference in the health and wellness of others. Please share your creative healthy event ideas or fun experiences from recent participation!

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