April is Stress Awareness Month! Here Are Our Top Relaxation Inducing Giveaways

April is National Stress Awareness Month — and, no doubt, we could all benefit from a stress reducing gift, right now. This year, as the current global pandemic takes its toll on 171 countries, even individuals who are practicing safe social distancing are feeling stress, anxiety or even fear. That’s why stress awareness and management is more important than ever. Here are a few custom giveaways that can help us all alleviate a little stress and welcome some much needed calm into our lives.

Managing Your Stress Key Points™

Want to give some helpful tips on how to effectively manage stress and live a happier, healthier life? Our Managing Your Stress Key Points™ pocket guide is the perfect choice. This compact, 8-page guide includes symptoms of stress, ways to cope, exercise and relaxation techniques, and tips on being kind to yourself and your body. It’s a wealth of useful information in a wallet-sized handout.

Wooden Massager

When stress turns into tension, your muscles can start to pay the price. This Wooden ball shaped massager will help relax away stiffness and send stress and tension on their way. Add your organization’s awareness message in the color of your choice to make a lasting impression with every single use.

Sun Stress Reliever

Our stress reliever shapes are among the most popular of the items in our Stress Relief, Relaxation and Fun Specialty Store and this sun stress reliever shape is a new favorite! Gift recipients can squeeze this shape for it’s stress relieving benefits while the sun theme reminds them of brighter days to come. Your important health message goes right on the front center.

Adult Coloring Book, Patterns Theme with Colored Pencils

Refocusing your efforts on a creative outlet is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to release stress and, in turn, improve your mental health. Our Adult coloring book and colored pencil sets can help deliver these incredible results to fellow team members, patients or clients who are participating in social distancing. Each 52-page book includes stunning designs on perforated pages that can be torn out and gifted or framed after completion.

Wonder Beads™ Natural Scented Aromatherapy Eye Mask

This new concept uses natural clay beads and moisture to provide warm, effective soothing pain and stress relief. A natural lavender scent also provides soothing aromatherapy, which enhances the overall experience, providing total comfort. Each Wonder Beads™ set comes in its’ own soft drawstring pouch and can simply be microwaved to activate it’s warming, therapeutic effects.

This is just the tip of the cool, calming iceberg. Check our Stress Relief Promotions specialty store for even more incredible stress busting ideas — and don’t forget to use our March coupon code: MARCHMADNESS35 to get $35 off of an order of $350 or more, or MARCHMADNESS75 to get $75 off of an order of $750 or more before the month is over!

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