All Your Heart Themed and Heart Health Related Promotions for February

February is National Heart Health Month and also brings us Go Red for Women’s Heart Health Day as well as Valentine’s Day. That’s quite a lot of hearts! It’s also why we’re taking this time to showcase some of our top selling heart health and heart themed giveaways. From diet and fitness related items to health guides and simple heart shapes and themes, here are our bestsellers for the month of February.

Valentine Heart Stress Reliever

This heart shaped stress reliever is perfect for National Heart Health Month, Valentines Day, Go Red For Women Day or any other occasion where you want to spread the love or remind attendees to take extra care of their precious hearts! A great stress management tool, this promotional giveaway is bound to be a hit at any event.

Good Nutrition Pocket Sliders™

Another key method to keeping your heart health in top condition is proper nutrition. Our Good Nutrition Pocket Sliders™ are perfect for helping patients that are new to dieting for their heart health learn the basics on making informed food choices, reading food labels in order to keep track of calories, sodium and cholesterol and maintaining a healthy weight.

Healthy Heart for Women Pocket Sliders™

Another great health guide to hand out in February is the Healthy Heart for Women Pocket Slider™. Each slider provides tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not just for women who are at risk of heart disease or stroke, but for all women of every age. A large space for your custom imprint is included on the bottom front.

Brown Baggin It Lunch Bag

The easiest way to ensure you are maintaining a healthy balanced diet is to prepare your own food. The Brown Baggin It Lunch Bag helps encourage packing your own lunch and is a fun, nostalgic reminder of packed school lunches from days past. This item is much more efficient than a brown paper bag, however. It’s made from water resistant material and has a fully insulated main compartment.

Heart Attack Warning Signs Mega-Mag

The stock design on this large-sized heart shape magnet offers tips on how to detect the warning signs of a possible heart attack. Using both illustrated and listed possible symptoms, this is a useful item to keep in the home. A space for your hospital, EMS company or healthcare organization logo is left on the bottom front.

Shop our specialty stores for heart promotional shapes and themeswomen’s heart health related items and healthy eating and nutrition, as well as our fitness essentials superstore to find hundreds of promotional gifts that are just right for your upcoming heart health event!

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