A Promotional Product for Every National Health Observance in November

It’s time for your monthly roundup of all the important national health events and observances coming up along with a promotional item that we think will be a helpful addition to the awareness and advocacy efforts for each one!

American Diabetes Month

Staying Healthy with Diabetes Pocket Sliders™

Numerous tips on healthy nutrition, tracking blood sugar levels and insulin treatments can be found in our Staying Healthy with Diabetes Pocket Slider™, which includes your custom imprint on the bottom front.

Bladder Health Month

Transparent Grip Poly-Pure Sport Bottle, 27oz. – Push Pull Lid

One popular way of getting involved with Bladder Health Month is by organizing a charity walk or run. Custom printed water bottles are a great way to commemorate the experience and keep your important advocacy message alive long after the event has ended.

COPD Awareness Month

Ribbon Auto Magnets – Custom

This completely customizable magnet would make the perfect giveaway for COPD Awareness Month printed in solid orange, the national awareness event’s official ribbon color, along with your important awareness message for all to see.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lungs Stress Reliever

A great promotion for pulmonary doctor’s offices and hospitals wards, this anatomical lung stress reliever is a great way to help spread a positive message about maintaining healthy lungs in order to avoid lung cancer.

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Next Level® Premium Cotton The Boyfriend Ladies’ Tee

Giving out purple tee shirts for National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month is a great way to get patients, customers and staff involved with your awareness efforts or reward participation in charity and fundraising events throughout the month.

National Family Caregivers Month

Care-giving for the Elderly Pocket Sliders™

Learn about the most important aspects of being a family caregiver for the elderly and share that information with your community by giving out your own custom imprinted Care-giving for the Elderly Pocket Slider™. These make a great gift for nursing students or families with senior members in need of special care.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

Thank You For Caring, Appreciation Swivel Keychain Stock

A thoughtful appreciation gift for hospice and palliative care givers, this swivel keychain with the heart in hand design and “Thank you for caring!” message will help you show your gratitude for truly honorable and trying health care service.

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

Ribbon Sneaker Keychain

Blue is the official color for the Stomach Cancer Awareness Ribbon, which is why we think the blue version of this charming Ribbon Sneaker Keychain is the perfect gift for participants of your annual walk or run to raise funds for stomach cancer research.

For more inspiration for your November health and wellness events, shop our entire online collection or call 800.378.6376 to get fast and friendly assistance from one of our dedicated team members.

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